Synthetic Turf Maintenance

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Clean Sweep is a synthetic turf maintenance division within Lawn Mastery Limited.

The aim of Clean Sweep is to offer a professional, synthetic turf cleaning programme to anyone who owns or uses a synthetic turf surface.

Our goal is to maximize the life and performance of your synthetic surface so your investment performs better and lasts longer. 

Clients include:

  • individual tennis court owners
  • tennis clubs
  • schools and sports clubs

We offer:

  • Spraying programmes to control moss, algae and weeds
  • Sweeping and sieving programmes to remove moss, algae, weeds and debris


Synthetic Turf doesn't need maintenance

A common misconception is that synthetic turf requires little maintenance. However, regular attention is vital to ensure optimum playing performance and durability.

The infill material used in synthetic turf must be kept level for a consistent playing field. In addition, synthetic fibres have to remain free of litter, leaves, dirt, bacteria, moss, algae and weeds. Clean surfaces allow water to flow through them, avoiding water ponding for sustained periods.

We recommend twice yearly sweeping/sieving operations and moss/algae control applications.

All maintenance operations are equal

A common misconception is that all brushes are equal. They aren't. Most brushes just push debris around the surface, shifting it from one place to another.

The Redexim unit we invested in has an ingeniousrotary brush mechanism which removes both surface litter and the top infill layer. It then filters out debris using a vibrating, sieving mechanism. The cleaned infill is then redistributed evenly over the surface. A rear brush ensures a smooth finish.

In summary, our unit 

  • sweeps up surface debris
  • sieves out debris, separating the debris (for removal) from the sand (for redistribution). 


What Differentiates CLEAN SWEEP

Organic Moss and Algae Control

We have sourced a proven, organic moss and algae control product from overseas. This not only destroys the moss and algae, it's also organic.

Point One: 
Sprays used on tennis courts usually end up being washed off into water ways or surrounding gardens.

With our organic moss and algae control, there is no need to worry if some of it finds its way into these areas.

Point Two:
This product is safe to use on your synthetic turf and won't damage/break down the synthetic fibres.

A lot of chemicals on the market which control moss and algae also damage the synthetic fibres. Some chemicals can therefore reduce the life span of your synthetic surface.

Sweeping and Sieving

Just brushing or scraping merely moves debris around the surface. It's important to actually remove debris from synthetic surfaces.

Our walk behind Redexim unit undertakes several key processes in one pass:

  • sweeps up ingrained debris including moss, algae, weeds and rubbish
  • sieves out the debris for complete removal
  • allows clean sand to filter back through the sieves into the surface
  • stands the synthetic fibres upright, just like it was when new
  • improves surface infiltration